Who is your daddy?

This local comedy takes a look at the “blesser” phenomenon, currently a world-wide hot topic. A middle-aged businessman has become accustomed to his routine -– a life that includes his wife, his daughter, his work, and his fun. As a powerful CEO with a big house, a successful spouse, a family, and expensive recreational habits, he feels like life will always be this easy. Little does he know the blessing he’s about to receive.

87 minutes.
No persons under 18 (Language, Sex, Drug abuse).
Comedy, South African.
You remind me of my wife ...
You remind me of my wife ...


Kenneth Nkosi, Sonia Mbele, Connie Chiume, Six Nyamane, Khathutshelo Ramabulana, Hlengiwe Ngubane, Nay Maps, Tbo Touch
Rea Rangaka
ScreenplayTbo Touch, Sasa Nqabeni, Kumaran Naidu
MusicBomba Records
Made in2019
Produced byBlessed Film Production

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Film and Publications Board (FPB) Report (SA)

LanguageFrequent and strong impact in comedy context.
SexNone (sic)
PrejudiceLow impact single verbal reference.
Drug abuseNone (sic)
CommentsThe content contains strong impact complex and mature themes of exploring monetary driven relationships, infidelity, living a lavish lifestyle, the life of blessers/slay queens or sugar daddies and sugar babies, relationships and dysfunctional family relationships within a comedic context that sheds light on how society glamorises infidelity and having sexual relations in exchange for money. The comedic context of the film does have an effect of trivializing the complex, mature and realistic themes of what occurs in society today such infidelity, giving sex or company as a solution to financial problems and promoting infidelity as a solution to marital problems go against South African societal norms of preserving family and protecting children from potentially harmful sexual lifestyles that can have dire consequences. Immoral behaviour within a marriage such as infidelity and the fact that there is no positive resolution mitigating such themes may be morally harmful to viewers below the age of 18. Viewers 18 and older are mature enough to contextualize themes without being harmed.
These details are supplied by the FPB. If you have a problem with any of the above, please take it up directly with the FPB. Read the Classification Guidelines.

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