Newsletter and jokes 28 February 2020

Hi all 
Sorry about the delay with the Ster-Kinekor showtimes this week. Still  
hoping to get it sorted out today. 
As per last week, we have some good movies opening this week. Let's kick 
off at the top end of the scale, with South Africa's official entry to the  
recent Oscars, Knuckle City. This adults-only film takes a look at the  
dark side of life two and half decades ago. 
Staying with the adult fare, we have another film version of the sci-fi  
classic novel The Invisible Man, which has been well received by press 
and public alike. The final entrant on the adult side is the gritty crime  
drama The Informer. 
For the families and kiddies, yet another classic novel hits the big  
screen in the form of The Call of the Wild, featuring a CGI dog instead 
of the usual Hollywood approach of using multiple real dogs in different 
parts of the film, because there's only so much you can teach any one dog 
to do. The public like this film better than the press. 
Then we have a new local documentary about the Gupta approach to winning 
friends and influencing people, titled How to Steal a Country. 
From Bollywood, we take a look at the issue of domestic violence in Thappad. 
There are previews all day Saturday for the next Disney/Pixar animated  
treat, Onward. See the previews page and remember to book. 
Enjoy :-) 
New this week 
* The Call of the Wild (PG) 
* Knuckle City (18 LSNVD) 
* The Informer (16 LVD) 
* The Invisible Man (18 LVHD) 
* The Invisible Man (IMAX) (18 LVHD) 
* Unplanned (16) 
* Thappad (Hindi) 
* How to Steal a Country   
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Thanks, Ian 
During a lesson, my driving instructor commented that he was seeing spots  
before his eyes. 
Deeply concerned, I told him how my father had suffered a detached retina a 
few years earlier and had complained of similar symptoms prior to diagnosis. 
“This could be very serious,” I said. “You must see a doctor immediately.” 
“Or you could just turn the windshield wipers on,” replied the instructor. 
Clerk: What do you do for a living? 
Man: I’m a tree trimmer. 
Clerk: What do you do after Christmas? 
I need to find new sources of jokes ... this whole Political Correctness 
madness means most jokes can now be considered offensive to someone  
somewhere... Apologies for this week. 

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