On 1 December 1967, an unidentified object landed on a farm in the Karoo. Two days later four South African Republican Intelligence agents, armed with a Super 8 and 16mm camera, investigate it. What follows is a ground-breaking Afrikaans found footage film that will keep you guessing until the very last line... In Afrikaans with English subtitles.

90 minutes.
No persons under 13 (Language, Nudity).
Thriller, Afrikaans, South African.

Not currently showing on the local cinema circuit.

Not much intelligent life around here ...
Not much intelligent life around here ...


Pietie Beyers, Morné Visser, Albert Maritz, Randy Januarie, Conradie van Heerden, Rayno von Schlicht, Pierre Nelson, Chad Tyler, Salmon van der Vyver
Derick Muller
Made in2020
Produced byAmbassadeur (Pty) Ltd

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