Meisie vani Lavis

Meisie vani Lavis
We follow a young girl who grew up in Bishop Lavis. She is well mannered and comes from a church background, raised by a single mother. Life is hard for them and sometimes there is no food to eat. This closely-knitted bond between mother and daughter quickly unravels when the daughter starts hanging out with a troubled youth who is mixed up with a few bad guys from the area. She refuses to listen to her mother and ends up learning a hard lesson. In Afrikaans with English subtitles.

90 minutes.
No persons under 13.
Crime, Drama, Gangsters, Afrikaans, South African.


Mel de Vries Joseph, Barrel Pieterson, Von d Kemp, Marshelino Rossouw, Chairmane Segels, Marlene Segels, Mark Matroos, Jeff R Joseph, Marvin Papier, Marvin Allen, Bradley Jakes, Meliza Jade Arendse, Willow Pieterson, Zivah Pieterson
Mark Matroos
ScreenplayMark Matroos
Made in2020
Produced byMojam Films

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