Newsletter and jokes 13 May 2022

Hi all 
Doctor Strange had a very good opening last week-end. 
Two new local movies this week, the first is Indemnity, an action crime  
thriller, while the other, The Castle, is a horror thriller. 
Staying with the horror genre, Firestarter is a remake of the Stephen King 
On the art-and-similar circuit, we have the well-rated Chinese film,  
Everything Everywhere All at Once. 
India has two offerings this week, both comedies. Jayeshbhai Jordaar is 
is Hindi, and Don in Tamil. 
No previews this week. 
New this week 
* Indemnity (13 LVD) 
* Firestarter (16 LVH) 
* The Castle (16 LVH) 
* Everything Everywhere All at Once (16 LNV) 
* Jayeshbhai Jordaar (Hindi) 
* Don (Tamil)   
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Cheers, Ian 
I can’t do small talk. 
I just asked the lady cutting my hair what she does for a living. 
While shopping for vacation clothes, my husband and I passed a display 
of bathing suits. It had been at least ten years and 20 pounds since I had  
even considered buying a bathing suit, so I sought my husband’s advice. 
“What do you think?” I asked him. “Should I get a bikini or an all-in-one?” 
“Better get a bikini,” he replied. “You’d never get it all in one.” 
During and after filming the Netflix movie Don’t Look Up, actor Jonah Hill  
took to calling his costar, three-time Academy Award–winner Meryl Streep,  
“The Goat.”  
The 72-year-old Streep took it all in stride. 
“I thought, well, that’s cute, I am kind of an old goat,” she said during a  
press conference. It was left up to another, younger costar, Jennifer 
Lawrence, to explain to Streep that Hill wasn’t being mean. 
“The G.O.A.T.,” Lawrence told Streep, “stands for Greatest of All Time.” 
“You’re ugly!” 
“No, you’re ugly!”  
My identical twins, fighting. 
Every year, the prison where I work as a volunteer chaplain holds a  
training session for staff. This year, the instructor kicked things off by 
asking, “What kind of people do you work among?” 
He was instantly bombarded with a slew of angry responses:  
“They’re lazy!” “They can’t be trusted!” “They steal!”  “They lie!” 
“And,” another colleague added, “some of the inmates aren’t all that nice,  
The guy who stole my diary just died. My thoughts are with his family. 
I was reading a great book about a death-defying dog the other day.  
It was impossible to put down. 
I’ll never forget my granddad’s last words to me just before he died:  
“Are you still holding the ladder?” 
My middle name is War-and-Peace. It’s a long story. 

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