Newsletter and jokes 1 July 2022

Hi all 
July already and the year is half gone. Had our first taste of Level 6 last 
night and it doesn't work for me ... 
At the movies this week, hopefully all equiped with generators, we have the  
prequel to the Gru and Minions series, in 2D, 3D and IMAX, to entertain the  
kids over the holidays. 
For the adults, we have the well-rated horror thriller, Men, which has some  
full-frontal nudity, if that's not your thing.  
Bollywood is has a full-blown action thriller, Om - The Battle Within,  
while on a totally different tack, we have a Chinese drama, Ode to the  
Spring, looking at the early days of the Covid pandemic in China.  
The IMDB tagged it as "Communist Party Propaganda," for what it's worth.  
Could be educational from that angle too :-) 
On the art side, there are the Hamlet and Shaka Zulu filmed plays running 
at selected venues. 
Thor is opening next week, and there are sneak peaks next Thursday evening  
just about everywhere, in all formats, so see the previews page and book  
early :-) 
New this week 
* Minions: The Rise of Gru (3D) (PG7-9 V) 
* Minions: The Rise of Gru (PG7-9 V) 
* Minions: The Rise of Gru (3D IMAX) (PG7-9 V) 
* Men (16 LNVH) 
* Om - The Battle Within Probably (16 NV) 
* Ode to the Spring (Probably 13)   
Forthcoming attractions  
Updated the home page poster  
This Week's pinup (full HD wallpaper)  
List of all movies showing  
Same list sorted by Age Restriction  
Remember you can support the site by reading the ads... :-) 
Enjoy :-) 
Cheers, Ian 
How come there are Pop-Tarts but no Mom-Tarts?  
Because of the pastryarchy. 
My dog accidentally swallowed a whole bag of Scrabble tiles.  
We took him to the vet to get him checked out. 
No word yet. 
I’ve never cried over spilled milk, but I have been brought to tears 
over spilled coffee. 
I have my own system for labelling homemade freezer meals. If you look 
in my freezer you’ll see “Whatever,” “Anything,” “I Don’t Know” and my 
favourite, “Food.”  
That  way when I ask my husband what he wants for dinner, I’m certain to 
have what he wants. 
The price of petrol made me cave and get my six-year-old that pony for her  
My five-year-old daughter is confident, happy and not afraid to speak 
her mind.  
All these amazing qualities come out at once when she announces to her 
entire class that she has to poop. 
Me: We’re going to a surprise party today. 
My six-year-old: For me?  
Me: No. It’s not your birthday.  
My six-year-old: I know. I would be surprised. 
If I ever want to hear about all the injustice in the world, I just ask my 
12-year-old to clear the table after dinner. 
Six-year-old: Dad, how long does it take to count to one million? 
Me, breaking out a calculator: If you count one number per second,  
it will take you a little over 11 and a half days. 
Six-year-old: What if I start at 100? 

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