Newsletter and jokes 21 October 2022

Hi all 
Three new movies this week, headlined by Black Adam, from the DC Comics  
world rather than Marvel. It's aimed more at the public than the critics,  
and is also on the big screens. 
Adam is joined by an actual ageing super hero, Bruce Willis, in one of his 
last outings, in a new franchise, Detective Knight: Rogue.  
From India, we have a "Da Vinci Code" style movie, Ram Setu, in Hindi. 
There are a few previews this Sunday for Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, see the  
previews page and remember to book :-) 
New this week 
* Black Adam (13 LV PPS) 
* Black Adam (IMAX) (13 LV PPS) 
* Black Adam (4DX) (13 LV PPS) 
* Detective Knight: Rogue (16 LV) 
* Ram Setu (Hindi)   
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Cheers, Ian 
My kids found a stray cat in our yard and spent some time trying to get to  
know it. My 6-year-old daughter asked how to tell if it was a boy or a girl. 
“Well,” I said, “what does your brother have that you don’t have?” 
Her precocious 4-year-old brother knew: “A bunk bed!” 
Modern dating.... 
FaceTimed her and someone whispered, “Eww, that’s him?” 
Told a guy I had body dysmorphia and he said, “I love sci-fi!” 
Me: Dating is tough, lot of weirdos out there.  
Me on a date: So, here’s everything I know about the Jonestown massacre. 
“He zombied me: It’s like ghosting but then the guy comes back from the  
dead a couple months later and hits you up.” 
My love language is cooking elaborate meals, screaming at everyone to get  
out of the kitchen, then loudly announcing the food was “not my best” and  
waiting for compliments. 
An elderly friend of mine, a staunch Baptist, told me that when she 
visited Las Vegas with her family, she was persuaded to try the slot  
I asked if she said a quick prayer before playing. “Oh no,” she said.  
“I figured when I walked through that door, I was on my own.” 
It was the first time my  5-year-old had been to church, and she was very 
excited. After what must  have felt like an eternity  to her waiting for  
the service to begin, she whispered in my ear, “When does God come on?” 
I had just purchased a painting of the Last Supper when my young grandson  
came home. He studied it for a few minutes, then asked,  
“What are they doing, playing poker?”  
Matt: Hey Dr. Park, this is Matt from the vascular lab, I have a patient 
here with an external iliac occlusion with cold foot pain and 
numbness that started three days ago. What should I do with her? 
Hannah: Hi, this is Hannah. I think you have the wrong number, but I  
Googled it and I’m pretty sure you need to put a stent in her left radial  
artery, best of luck Matt! 
Matt: Sorry wrong number Hannah. She ended up actually getting a stent.  
Took about three hours longer for trained medical professionals to figure 
out what took you about five minutes, great job. 
Hannah: Ya hiring? 
My parents come to America in search of a better life.  
I thank them for their sacrifices by announcing that I want to be an actor.  
They reply, “Oh, honey, it’s pronounced doc-tor.” 
A teenager brings her new boyfriend home to meet her parents.  
They’re appalled by his piercings, the vulgar slogan on his T-shirt and his  
constant cursing. 
Later, the girl asks her mother, “So, what did you think?” 
“He doesn’t seem very nice.” 
“Oh, please, Mom!” says the daughter. “If he wasn’t nice, would he be doing 
500 hours of community service?” 

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