Fan mail from 1998

See also Fan Mail from 1997 and before.

Thanks to the following people for their feedback, and for their suggestions, some of which have been implemented. Note that the mail is now in the order from most recently received to oldest.

From:Luis Garces (11 December 1998) Thanks for a great and fast movie site. I am using the Ster- Kinekor site, but it is very slow. Is there any reason for this? Your site is still the best and contains everything I need to order movies for my Cinema.

From:Manny Sher (9 December 1998)

Excellent home page.

From:Richard Shonegevel (1 December 1998)

Ian, you have a brilliant site here - the only improvement I could see would be a page which puts the films still on circuit into ranking order in two lists - one being the critics rankings, and the other the ranking by the members. If you add to that a half line note on what what category and what kind of film each is (eg war movie, romantic twist; scifi - space fiction, quite violent; historic comedy, French revolution; detective thriller, exotic locations; etc) I'm sure you'll hit the spot.

From:Derek (31 October 1998)

Great site, what about booking tickets?

From:Prav Sewmohan (7 October 1998)

You have a great site...Will be visting often to become family!

From:Cobus van Eeden (30 August 1998)

Thanks for the competion it is wonderful to be a winner - did not received my T-shirt but know it will come and am I going to enjoy it!!!

Thanks for this wonderful site

From:Shehzaad (19 August 1998)

Very pleased with usability and layout...


From:André Mes  (31 July 1998)

I stumbled across your site some time ago, but have only recently taken the time to look at it properly. I love the friendliness of the pages, especially the fact that viewers can vote and have their say. The links are great and bits of info very interesting. I am a school teacher and designed by school's website. I'll definietly be urging our pupils to visit your site to gain the latest info on SA releases of films.

Thank you and keep up the GREAT site! 10/10!!!

From: Daniel Janse van Rensburg (28 July 1998)

I am a movie fantic, and order CDV from the US. Would it be possible to by from your site in the near future ? Yours in anticipation

From: Brian Cox (18 July 1998)

An excellent site, I'll use it from now on. Highly informative. Thankyou.

From: Bruce Humphrey (13 July 1998)

Great new additions to your site. Your creativity is boundless!!

From: Henry van der Merwe (10 July 1998)

Congrats on a great site - makes movie-hunting so much easier and more fun! How about a "reverse-listing"(like you have for Metro) for all movies - I find this very useful. Rather than looking at all the cinemas in our area it would be much easier getting a quick look at which options are available.

From: Santa Viljoen  (10 July 1998)

What a site! Nice meeting you...

From: Luis Garces (30 June 1998)

I'm the owner of Plaza Cinema in Walvis Bay. I have to order movies every month from U.I.P. , STER-KINEKOR and NU METRO. Your site helps me a lot to order the right movies. Could you please add to which company each movie belongs?

Thanks for the best Movie site on the internet!

From: Robert Greig  (25 June 1998)

Just wanted you to know I find your weekly briefings about openings really useful: thank you.

From: Byron  (18 June 1998)

Best Web Site on the Net!!!

From: Robert Haynes (28 May 1998)

C'mon Ian...I'm tired of you dissing the horror genre. I consider myself a film buff in the extreme and thoroughly enjoy this genre. It exudes power and prowess, especially in the politically correct nineties. Give the horror crowd a long deserved break. We actually are a reasonably intellectual bunch !!!

From: Michael Wright (15 May 1998)

Very good site...very informative and easy to use... I am very impressed!

From: Gavin Meinking  (13 May 1998)

Nice - but could we also have Cavendish's movies listed, and not just Cavendish Noveau ?

From: Charles Lautenbach  (12 May 1998)

I sent a feedback 30 secs ago - then I opened my eyes !!! I see you do have starting times but only for Nu Metro hopefully SK soon?

Times would be esp. handy on the reverse listing.

From: Frik Geyser  (10 May 1998)

A very informative and useful sight, but could we have the Ster Kinekor movie times as well ?

Yours is still the greatest site around :)

From: Struan Scott  (05 May 1998)

I am interested in finding out when the man in the iron mask will be out. How do I do that using your site.

Apart from that it is great.

From: Raj Naidu  (03 May 1998)

I find it difficult to find out at which venues the movie I want is showing at. I think that a search facility along those lines will alleviate the problem.

From: Raam Naicker  (30 Apr 1998)

I'm most impressed with your very quick response.

Thanks so much for the feedback - very professional indeed. We need more people with your kind of dedication around.

From: Bruce Humphrey  (28 Apr 1998)

Now that is dedication - such quick response! I can see you get great pleasure from running your movie site!

Yours is still the greatest site around :)

From: Raam Naicker  (28 Apr 1998)

Thanks for an excellent site - I visit it almost every day. It would be nice if you had times for all the movies showing and not only those at NU METRO cinemas. Also it would be very convenient if one could click or double click on a movie (especially a STILL ON CIRCUIT movie) and see where its showing instead of manually searching for it in the WHERE section.

Thanks again for a great job!

From: Maarten von Ziegenweidt  (21 Apr 1998)

Seems like a good site !

Do you only deal with the latest movies ? I am looking for a source of older artistic movies. Can you help ?

From: Liz Youngblood  (17 Apr 1998)

I find your site most useful.

From: Hakon Nissen  (13 Apr 1998)

I was hoping there would be something on this site that would enable me to receive a weekly e-mail from you informing me of the latest releases and maybe a rating of the movie. The mail could have hotlinks to your site where I can view the full review of the movie.

I think it's something you should consider!

From: Tony Ludlow  (11 Apr 1998)

Great info on the pages but I would also like to see the prices of each show included as they vary from cinema to cinema.

People like to know this.

From: Jeremy Bernard  (9 Apr 1998)

I think your site is a very cool site and you should keep it up.

From: Willem Odendaal  (9 Apr 1998)

Great website. I do miss the Kimberley Ster-Kinekor listings though. Could you make a plan?

From: Rajhev Rajkumar  (7 Apr 1998)

Great site.
Please use an icon or something to indicate when it's going to be the last showing of a movie at a particular venue in your "What's showing where" page. It will be a very handy warning for someone who could miss seeing a movie on the big screen because they assume it will be on the following week.

From: Rajhev Rajkumar  (7 Apr 1998)

Besides the wallpaper on your home page and your sometimes confusing layout, your site is still tops in providing valuable movie information quickly.
Bookmarked forever.

From: Rob Fisher  (1 Apr 1998)

The site is a great CONTENT site and I want it to be the de-facto Movies site in SA (well I think it is already) and I want you to make money from it even if it takes a long time to get there.

When I find a site that is worked on and has solid CONTENT I want to do as much as I can to promote it!

From: Jaxon Hsu  (1 Apr 1998)

Please will you include a search function to the site. The search on the browser is very inconvenient.
Other than that the site is excellent!

From: Karl Prince  (1 Apr 1998)

Thanks for a really useful site.
Just a quick question. Have you thought of putting up some Imax info? I suppose it's only really of daily use to Capetonians, and perhaps seasonally for the rest of the country. Just an idea though.

From: Robert Haynes  (30 Mar 1998)

Talking about BAD, have you seen Tomorrow Never Dies yet... Whew !!! Either it's me or Bond just ain't sophisticated enough for a nineties audience.

Oh and another thing, if you enjoy being totally offended by a movie, see if you can get yourself a copy of SOCIETY, still banned out here, I managed to see it overseas and can safely say it is possibly one of the grossest most offensive flicks I have ever seen !!!

From: TJ De Klerk  (29 Mar 1998)

We have an ART LINKS column in THE STAR TONIGHT on Wednesdays, your site will feature this Wednesday. I think Gauteng area of TONIGHT only.

From: Esther Muller  (28 Mar 1998)

Love your page.
The only thing I miss is on the list of "what is showing where" the cinemas only get displayed by region. I would like to know in what town or city the cinema is.

This is useful for example when I go on holiday I can find out if the place I'm going to has a cinema.

From: Bruce Humphrey  (24 Mar 1998)

Your site just gets better and better all the time. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it.

Please forgive some of my movie comments - I like to see the positive side of things. Some people loathe all movies so much I wonder why they waste their money and time by going! Anyway, I'll carry on putting in my cents worth as I see it.

Keep up the good work - I don't know what I would do without your movie info/reviews.

From: Lex Faure  (24 Mar 1998)

You guys have a great page.
Would you be interested in adding a news comment each week about the movies which will be reviewed in Top Billing each week? We could send you a short promo of the films to be reviewed and you could mention that they would be on on Friday at 8 PM on SABC 2, and again on Mondays at 2 PM.

We would also add a link to your page on our web page (which is currently being totally redone) - and you could have a link to our page?

From: Hannelie Appelgryn  (19 Mar 1998)

Am an avid supporter and fan of your site.

From: Andres Rapp (18 Mar 1998)

Don't know if this is the right place but I'm looking for any information about Rodger Vuijkers and his movies.

By the way, this site is G R E A T.

From: Jos Hartman  (17 Mar 1998)

At last some site that is a pleasure to use. Also it is a site that gives you fast and instant response and the information given is to the point and useful.

From: Bruce Humphrey  (16 Mar 1998)

Your movie site is the best thing that has happened in SA on the movie scene! Keep up the good work!

From: Helen van Eeden  (15 Mar 1998)

I just want to say thanks for the wonderful site and for the T-Shirt that I have won. It is wonderful!!!

From: Bruce Humphrey  (9 Mar 1998)

I am indeed a movie "nut" (viva Ster-kinekor and Nu Metro!) so I thought I would put in my cent's worth of movie evaluations.

Every single one of the movies that I have rated I have seen personally. Hope you all enjoy movies just as much as I do.

I only discovered your site recently and I think it is really great. Keep up the good work - we need sites like yours reviewing movies showing in SA on the Internet.

From: Robin Ziehl (8 Mar 1998)

How about giving the times of the movies?

From: Johan Schmidt  (6 Mar 1998)

Nice site, but where are the times for the movies at each theater?

From: Wesley Fong Chong  (2 Mar 1998)

not bad ..
could do with funkier graphics ..
an some mean aliens 4 pix
more pictures, backgrounds are too plain ..
info wise, i like it, lotsa critic stuff
cool :)

From: Jolette Roodt  (1 Mar 1998)

A great site. Very interesting.

From: Helen van Eeden  (25 Feb 1998)

Thanx for the wonderful job on your site - Can you give an indication when the video part will be in use?
Thanks again.

From: Fatima Lobi (19 Feb 1998)

I would like you to inform me about the latest movies and if there's any competition I would like to enter and win lots of prizes.

From: Gray Braadvedt (12 Feb 1998)

Good site here guys.

What about what is showing in other centres?

From: Helen van Eeden  (29 Jan 1998)

Thanx for an excellent site. Thank you for your quick response on my question for a place for videos and I see you already started to work on it.

Thanks a million from all the Video Store owners and people who cannot afford to go to the movies - You are brilliant.
Thanks again

From: Di Cooper  (23 Jan 1998)

What about putting links on your site for older movie/video reviews? Maybe a link that contains more info about movie people of old like Marlene Dietrich etc. I think it's important to have links to other websites especially for browsers (or is it surfers?)

From: Amos Barkai  (23 Jan 1998)

Please could you provide times for the movies at their respective venues.

Great site otherwise.

From: Karl von Buddenbrock (16 Jan 1998)

Re: Titanic. Tell Darryl Accone (The Star) that a single set of standards would suffice. It's either good or its not.

See also Fan Mail from 1997 and before.

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