Fan mail from 1999

From:Haydn Twigg  (28 December 1999)

Thank you for a wonderful and very useful site. It is the site I visit most on the net.

From:Craig Micklethwaite  (12 November 1999)

A *superb* site!!! Really excellent!

From:Walled Gester  (17 December 1999)

Thank you for the movie updates. It helped me more than I can ever tell you guys.

From:Helen van Heerden  (07 December 1999)

Wow this site is just getting better and better - congrats!

From: Samantha  (03 December 1997)

I have given the address of the site to all of our contacts in the ad agencies that we work with, and they have come back to tell me that they are very impressed by the content and the easy movement around the site. So thanks again for doing great work.

From:Abishekar Bisseru  (18 November 1999)

Your web-site is one of the greatest I have seen so far, it hosts a wide variety of links and is up to date with all the movies that are out or going to come out.

From:Warwick Reynolds  (12 November 1999)

This is a great site. You have a lot of information that I will need regularly. Please don't ever discontinue it.

From:Llewellyn Bok  (23 October 1999)

I just want to thank you guys for a excellent website! We really appreciate all the hard work you put into it. Keep up the good work!

From:T Maharaj  (23 June 1999)

Thanks once again for a wonderful service

From: Grant Smith  (03 December 1997)

This was just to let you know people really appreciate the effort you are putting in each week, thanks again.

From:Morgan Commins  (19 October 1999)

Thanks for your site which I've been using for a long time it seems now. I turn to your site instead of phoning Ster-Kinekor or Nu-Metro. It's far more helpful!

From:Gordon Ellison  (14 October 1999)

Just want to say thanks for running such a great web site, much better than Ster Kinekor's moving gif background!

From:Isma Manitsa  (14 October 1999)

Thanks for including the phone numbers and address details on your Drive-In page. It's a big help.

From:Gray Baardvedt  (08 October 1999)

You have a great and informative site here.

From:Dawie Olivier  (03 October 1999)

This is just what South Africans need. A good / Up to date / well organised / entertaining site giving you all the movie facts you want. Congratulations - and please, keep up the good work.

From:Sheliah  (03 October 1999)

I really like your site. Yours is the only site which I have found that has the South African voice. Most of what is written is from a more American perspective.

From:Dave Watson  (01 October 1999)

I have been following your site for yours (initially recommended by Club Internet - Rob Fisher). About a year ago I enquired about a video section and you replied that you had problems getting support from the distributors and your time was limited. Well! All has been corrected! After a two month absence from the business and the web I come back to find that you have started a video section. And what a section and including DVD's. Congratulations!! The site is now stunning in its design, speed of loading and short, sharp and succint supply of vital info. I will be recommending your site to all and sundry and request permission to advertise your site in my chain of market-leading video stores. I hope you get the support and commercial success that you deserve after a long slog in the wilderness. I am going to demand of the distributors that they get involved commercially in your site (probably won't make any difference but I'll try anyway) Once again - Congratulations!!

From: Basheera Kahn  (01 October 1999)

This is really great site - I've bookmarked it for future use.

From:Sonto Nkomo  (01 October 1999)

I really what to say, all I can say is thanks a million for your kindness and a beautiful T-shirt and the poster that I won on your site. I really didn't believe that when I got the note telling me that. Thanks. Keep in touch with the competitions and we will keep in touch by responding to it so that we can win.

From:Gerbus Roux  (18 September 1999)

I am a big South African movie fan and have been looking for a site which will give me the cinema schedules, as well as ratings and forthcoming attractions. I have found it! Thank you for this site and keep up the good work!

From:Walter Gelderblom (Ster-Kinekor) (01 September 1999)

The site looks great! Up-to-date, informative and interesting. A definite have-to one-stop for all local film fanatics.

From:Gloudine Kruger  (01 September 1999)

Excellent site - fast and to the point. Congratulations!

From: Anton Roder  (31 August 1999)

I am really impressed by your site.

From:Karl von Bentheim  (05 August 1999)

It would be nice if the movie schedule could include the next week's movies. This would enable one to plan ahead and not have to end up waiting for the Friday the movies are changed.

From:Barries Barnard  (03 August 1999)

What can I say this is one of the most up to date and user friendly sites I have seen thus far. Congratulations on a very good and professional site.

From:Gary van Zyl  (09 July 1999)

The site is great! It would be nice to book from your site!

From:Megan Collett  (18 June 1999)

This is a really cool movie site and I love it! You should get some stuff about Ryan Phillippe, he is really cool!

From: Jennifer Stastny  (14 June 1999)

Your moviesite is, without being falsely flattering, incredible - and not only because it is an easy source of info for movie buffs.

From:Steve Stutton  (31 July 1999)

Great site! I would like to ad a link from our site (currently under construction)Video Planet.

From:Lydia Steffens  (14 July 1999)

Just wondering why anybody would want to go see a movie if Barry (who hired you) Smith has already supplies you with the ending? Is he for real? Please say it's just a hoax... Stupid! Stupid! Other than that I really enjoyed your site - a welcome service. Keep it up.

From:Jolandé Nel  (08 July 1999)

Thanks for a great site. It is very useful with lots of information. Do you know if 'Analyze this' will be released or will it go straight to video?

From:Di Cooper  (07 July 1999)

Which/where is the best place to link to from your site to find movie reviews? Should I go thru' one of your links or what? I don't get too much time to browse too long and it would be nice to know where to go precisely to save time!

From: Jonathan  (30 June 1999)

Thanks for a genuinely useful, well organised and fast site! I will be forwarding the address to my address list - and that numbers over 400 people. Hope it helps traffic - you deserve it.

From:Di Cooper  (30 June 1999)

At last your page has a decent video review section! Many thanks. How about a link to video archives?

From:Martin Wilding  (25 June 1999)

Its the best site to check out what is showing.

From:Torgny Hylen  (15 June 1999)

I really like your new design. I dont know if you remember me mailing you and saying that I thought it was perhaps the timely thing to do...? Anyhow... I am really glad that you have come round to it... Most Impressed.

From:Helen Van Eeden  (10 Juney 1999)

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is so wonderful for our need to buy video's for the shop.

From: Shahjahan Durrani  (24 May 1999)

I love you all.

From:Jamie Andersom  (09 May 1999)

I love your information!

From:Lambert Smith  (22 April 1999)

How about an option for Gay or Gay related movies?

From:Leana Van Der Westhuizen  (16 April 1999)

Thanks for having this site available and keeping it updated. It is a great site.

From:Andrew  (15 April 1999)

Please put on were to find cinema prices & more detail on independant film festivals.

From: Elaine Scheepers  (09 April 1999)

Quite useful site. Easy to use, user-friendly.

From:William Pretorius  (09 April 1999)

Thanks for the message. It's very helpful. As a matter of interest, I'm not writing for the Sunday Times anymore as Barry Ronge took over my page! However, I've gone over to Beeld, and I'm part of their film team. I enjoy your page (thanks for including me). The eye reviews are spot on.


From:Paige Daykin  (05 April 1999)

Thanks for the information of the movies that are now showing. Please keep all of us informed.

From:Jatin Vaghela  (28 March 1999)

I would like to take this opportunity and commend you on a great website - the best in the country !! Keep up the excellent work.

From:Vimal Sardar  (19 February 1999)

Thanks for the constant updates. This is a major help to me like you won't believe. Thanks again. 'Nuff said.

From:Rudi Pheiffer  (24 March 1999)

I really like this site. It's got everything together that you need and it is very easy to use.

Congratulations to a superb site!

From:Dion Scher  (09 March 1999)

Great site. I really like your ratings, cool stats on movies and links to other review on the movie.

Once again, great site.

From: Jane Allison (24 February 1999)

Please update the information for Pinetown if possible. Your site is very helpful.

Thanks for a great service.

From:David Luckin  (15 February 1999)

I'm building a little web site at With your permission I would like to add a link to your site. The link is on the front page of for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. And if you desire maybe you would like to add a link to absolutemovies on your site. In any event I hope I can send some visitors your way.

From:Bruce Barker  (10 February 1999)

Your Website is great, one comment though, there are a new set of Nu-metro cinemas at the Killarney mall, do you have the showing there movies on your page?

From:John Mulder  (06 February 1999)

Great site - could i possibly add a link to your site on our South African Theme site ? First prize would be to display the neat little banner that you use for the ZA Banner Exchange Many thanks

From:Penny de Vries  (01 February 1999)

By the way, I love the site. I am not able to go to movies as much as I'd like but this is the next best thing!

From: Jenny Timms (20 January 1999)

I wanted to let you what a wonderful web page you have created. It definitely rates on the top 10 and gets my vote.

From: Jattin  (15 January 1999)

I am curious about the box office of top movies in South Africa .... I saw on the site that Something About Mary has grossed 8 million ...
Great site keep up the good work

From:James West (10 January 1999)

Thanks for a very convenient, up-to-date facility. You have no idea how very valuable this facility is. In fact I am amazed that the movie industry and distributors have not yet woken up! Keep going!

From:James O'Ehley  (06 February 1999)

That bit you've definitely got right - I find your site a whole lot more useful than the bloody awful Ster Kinekor site which takes forever to load and doesn't offer nowhere as much info on movies. I check your site out at least weekly (usually Thursdays when curiosity about what's starting on Friday gets the better of me). Keep up the great work.

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