Fan mail from 2001

From: Knox Bodenstein  (7 December 2001)

This is the best site to follow movie schedules that I know of. My wife and I go to the movies at least once a week, so I visit your site quite regularly. It is really good to be able to see what new movies are showing where early on a Friday. Thanks for a great site guys!

From: Pierré Smal  (23 November 2001)

I just want to say how much I like your site. I don't know how popular it is, but luckily I stumbled onto it one day. It is always up to date and very user friendly.

From: John Cullen  (16 November 2001)

Great facelift to the site - still my favourite movie site.

From: Wayne Powell  (31 October 2001)

I have been using your site for quite a while now and find it awesome. After trying to find a similar movie resource site while living in the US and UK for 7 years - it was great to return home to SA 2 yrs ago and find the most useful movie site I have ever used, right here!

From: Thea Bester-Swanepoel  (19 October 2001)

I received my Antitrust/Superman prize yesterday - Thank you so much. In the last few months I have become the owner of quite a few prizes given out by the Moviesite... so keep up the good work - not only the competitions, but also the great info on entertainment.

From: Dori Hyman  (16 October 2001)

Just wanted to say that I really liked your review of "Series 7" - and I agree with your thoughts on the metaphor about war. It is the film that has been on my mind the longest afer seeing it so far this year...

Thanks for a GREAT site!

From: Christo Cilliers  (15 October 2001)

Gr8 Site! Very Informative.
10 million times better than Ster Kinekor's Site in my humble opinion! They have been "updating" their web site for the past six ions! Still nothing new! YAWN! HUGE BIG YAWN!

What is the chances of getting a chart with total box office takings as a method of sorting? I think that could be pretty interesting...

Keep up the good work!

From: Peter Purdon  (13 October 2001)

Brilliant site! Not even Ster-Kinekor has got anywhere near as enough info as your page - brilliant. At least I can find out what's showing where and when! Thx.

From: Schalk Heunis  (24 August 2001)

Thanx for a great site, wished you reviewed more of the movies - regardless.

From: Tyrone Hanafey  (7 August 2001)

Thanks Ian, nice update. Final Fantasy looks Awesome. ( I suspend disbelief when I see movies a.m.a.p..) Hope the current 'adult' animation trend continues, I'm really enjoying it . (no singing silly songs and no moralising!!!)

Keep it up ...we all appreciate it.

From: Steyn du Toit  (6 August 2001)

Let me congratulate you on a VERY good site.I can find everything from (literally) A to Z here. This is the mecca of movielovers!

From: Tyrone Hanafey  (31 July 2001)

Ian, your site is getting better and better (and STILL FAST). All my friends and colleagues use your sui generis site more and more.

Great having the mini-synopses without having to go to the movie's home site (usu v.slow to load). Your reviews are incisive.

From: Johan Kohler  (13 July 2001)

Excellent and very useful site. I went to Ster Kinekor, Nu Metro and Computicket's sites but didn't find what I was looking for. Your site beats them all!

From: Danton Baromen  (25 June 2001)

Your guide to movies has ensured many a fantastic night out at the movies...

From: Andre Barnard  (25 June 2001)

I just thought I'd write a few lines to say thanks for the great goodies that I was fortunate enough to win on your tremendous site. I went and collected the goodies on Saturday morning at the PO. I gave it to my sisters' daughter, Nicole, who lives with me. The way in which her face lit up was well worth the effort, and great to see especially when a child shows such joy and enthusiasm.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to take part in the competition. Strangely enough I have never won anything before, thanks again.

From: Chris Broodryk  (23 June 2001)

I came upon your site accidentally while searching for a local movie related web-page. I was quite impressed by it! Thanks for keeping me up to date on local releases - keep it up.

From: Orné Young  (8 June 2001)

I like the site, it's relatively fast, and VERY useful.

From: Tyrone Hanafey  (13 May 13 2001)

Super site...well done and well designed. Fast too... not any slow, unnecessary graphics. Keeps me coming back to it. I contrast it with Ananzi's pathetic TV listings... v.slow and no links... Much kudos to you all. Great to link the movies to their sites.

From: Julia Joubert  (7 April 2001)

Just to let you know, I think your website is really well laid out, fast and user friendly - much better than the Ticketweb, Computicket, NuMetro or Ster Kinekor sites!

From: Herman van Niekerk  (21 January 2001)

Kickass website. Only IMDB beats it. The Razzie Awards is a nice touch as is the comparative ratings.

Great job.

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