Polaroid, a supernatural horror film that will be hitting the big screen soon

Polaroid, a thrilling story about a high school student that stumbles across a Polaroid vintage camera that holds dark secrets, is coming to a cinema near you on 27 September 2019.



High school student Bird (Kathryn Prescott) is given an old Polaroid camera by her co-worker Tyler (Davi Santos), who got it from a garage sale. Bird snaps a picture of Tyler but later on notices an odd smudge-like figure on his photo which leads to a series of unfortunate events.

When Bird starts using her Polaroid camera to take group photo’s with her friends, her co-worker Tyler mysteriously turns up dead but when Sheriff Pembroke (Mitch Pileggi) questions Bird about the polaroid, she sees that Tyler’s photo is free from the shadow, and has mysteriously transferred to Avery's (Katie Stevens) photo who too ends up dead.

Eventually Bird puts the pieces together and tries to destroy the camera and attempts to warn her friends about what is going on. They soon discover that the camera was owned by the daughter of a photography teacher, Roland Joseph Sable who was accused of torturing students and killing them while taking maniacal photographs. As the story unfolds we learn that Roland’s daughter was bullied by her classmates and he has come back in the form of an entity and will stop at nothing until his daughter’s death is avenged.

Be sure to round up some friends and head to a cinema on 27 September 2019 to see for yourself how the killing spree ends.

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