Love on the Edge

Love on the Edge While filming a western movie on location, leading lady Mallory Byrnes (Young) begins a passionate affair with her co-star, only to discover that he is married and has children. Overwhelmed and heartbroken, Mallory escapes to the countryside for the weekend. However, while driving wrecklessly on the narrow roads, she makes a disastrous turn and crashes the car, leaving herself stranded. Cliff Brannan (King), a handsome but stubborn cattle rancher, comes to her rescue.

At first, the two have nothing in common and their personalities conflict. However, they are forced to learn to work together, facing dangerous hardships including torrential rains, a dangerous river and wild animals. Mallory learns the meaning of courage and commitment as she fights nature's elements and Brannan makes a surprising discovery which finally seals their fate.

all All Ages
88 minutes


CastSean Young, Perry King
DirectorMark Griffiths
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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