Home Fries

Home Fries Dorian Lever wants to romance unwed mother-to-be Sally Jackson. His brother Angus wants to kill her. So... you want fries with that?

Wearing her Burger-Matic headset like a Cinderella crown, Drew Barrymore is sunny, levelheaded Sally,the local drive-thru order taker who's caught up in a darkly funny family brouhaha that, unknown to Sally, is largely orchestrated by the Levers' manipulative, saccharine-smiling mom.

Catherine O'Hara, Luke Wilson, Jake Busey, Shelley Duval and others in a talented cast join Barrymore in serving up this devilishly offbeat romantic comedy written by Vince Gilligan, whose credits include several of the X-Files' most memorable episodes, and directed by Dean Parisot, Acadamy Award Winner for The Appointments of Dennis Jennings, his delightful comedy short collaboration with Steven Wright.

For entertainment that's 'wickedly funny with superb performances' (Jeffrey Lyons, NBC-TV), you'll want a large order of Home Fries.

all All Ages
90 minutes


CastDrew Barrymore, Catherine O'Hara, Luke Wilson, Jake Busey, Shelley Duval
DirectorDean Parisot
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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