Cosmic Shock

Cosmic Shock Without warning, a nuclear missle silo in the Nevada desert is raided and its military crew taken hostage by a group of terrorists led by worldrenowned astronomer Professor Carl Sorenson (Devane). Within minutes, Sorenson establishes contact with a consortium of U.S. leaders, yet, surprisingly, makes no demands. Instead, he merely states his intention to launch two armed missiles, which will be directed toward an asteroid he believes is bound to collide with the Earth in approximately 72 hours.

The only hope the government has of stopping Sorenson without killing his hostages lies with his daughter Kathleen (Selleca).

all All Ages
88 minutes


CastConnie Sellcca, Ed Marinaro, William Devane
DirectorBrian Trenchard-Smith
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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