Fatal Affair

Fatal Affair Mack Maddox (Howell), is a bright young advertising executive and is happily married with a young daughter. Mack's troubles begins when he is called to serve on the jury duty on a murder trail in which Ezra Tyler (Underwood) is accused of his wife's death, resulting from her alleged love affair.

During this trail, when Mack overreacts upon seeing photographs of the victim, Tyler detects that by sheer coincidence, his wife's lover is serving jury duty at his trail. Acquitted on a legal technicality, Tyler wastes no time in beginning his vendetta against Mack and his family.

No Persons Under 16 No Persons Under 16 (Violence)
90 minutes


CastC. Thomas Howell, Maxim Roy, Jay Underwood
DirectorMarc S. Grenier
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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