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54 In the late seventies, on 54th Street in midtown Manhattan an abandoned television studio burned its way into New York nightlife with a fervour that earned its reputation as the greatest nightclub of all time.

Studio 54, the brainchild of Brooklyn-born entrpreneur Steve Rubell, embodied the heart and soul of the era. Disco ruled the airwaves, Farrah Fawcett had the hair, Brooke Shields had the jeans and Vidal Sassoon stood by making everyone 'look good'.

Within the walls of Studio 54, all the decadence and excess of the time -- drugs, music, fashion, pre-AIDS abandon and celebrity -- were on display in dazzling, dizzying abundance.

It became a place free of labels, where blue-collar brawn rubbed elbows with Park Avenue charm, and where everyone fell into a hedonistic trance -- dancing and making love under the only disco ball in town.

93 minutes, No persons under 16 (Sex).

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