Under the Skin

Under the Skin Sisters Iris (19) and Rose (24) are rivals for their mother's love. When she suddenly dies of cancer, Iris is convinced that her married, pregnant and successful sister was her mother's favourite. Iris becomes unable to grieve. She walks out on her job and finds herself picking up a stranger, Tom, in a cinema and having sex.

Excited by this encounter Iris leaves her boyfriend, Gary, and moves into a bedsit. Iris embarks on a sefl-destructive sexual odyssey with encounters that become more and more terrifying and humiliating. Realising that things are out of control, she steals some money only to be mugged by a gang of young girls.

Penniless, Iris finds Rose. When she sees that Rose is wearing Mum's favourite ring, she attacks her. Bitterly hurt, Iris in now set on a course of blind revenge before she can find herself again.

13 No persons under 13 (Language)
85 minutes

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CastSamantha Morton, Claire Rushbrook, Rita Tushingham
DirectorCarine Adler
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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