Happy Together

Happy Together Far out ahead of his numerous imitators, Wong Kar-Wai is pushing forward into new directons and setting himself new challenges. Almost all of Happy Together was shot in Buenos Aires - as far away from Hong Kong as it is possible to get - and the story centres on two men in a gay relationship. Wong uses himself to see with fresh eyes. The result is his most thoughtful and moving film yet.

Soon after arriving in Argentina, Ho and Lai break up. Ho dissapears into the tango bars of Buenos Aires, turning the odd trick for pin-money. Broke and more upset than he realises, Lai takes odd jobs to earn money for his ticket home. Pestered by Ho, he slowly picks up the pieces of his life with unwitting help from Chang, a young backpacker from Taiwan. There are no metaphors, but the central motifs (parting and reunions, attempts to start over, irreconcilable differnces) have a lot to do with the mood of Hong Kong in the summer of1997. The film has exeptionally lyrical cinematography from Chris Doyle and a career-best perfomance from Tony Leung as Lai.

No Pesons Under 18 No Pesons Under 18 (Language, Sex)
96 minutes

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CastLeslie Cheung Kwok-Wig, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Chang Chen
DirectorWong Kar-Wai
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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