Freedom Strike

Freedom Strike An F-14 Tomcat screams to a halt qboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Freedom Strike. Captain Tim Stone exits the canopy and is immediately hustled into a convention of military and civilian CIA top brass. With the downsizing of America's armed forces since the Gulf War, the US is vulnerable. Reports have been intercepted that terrorist rebels have seized an Iraqi nuclear reactor which they are planning to reactivate and it is rumoured that a nuclear strike is imminently possible: directed towards the North American Continent!

Simultaneously, an aerial dogfight breaks out between a US reconnaissance plane and a squadron of MIG fighters. THE US pilot fights valiantly, bringing one of the MIGs down. The pilot confirms the US's worst fears: the planof a nuclear strike on the US is very real!

pg Parental Guidance under 10
93 minutes


CastMichael Dudikoff
DirectorAlan Goldstein
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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