Imminent Danger

Imminent Danger In an attempt to better acquaint her children with her new boyfriend, Sarah Slavin (Sellecca) takes her family on a river rafting adventure. While exploring a campsite, Sarah's teenage daughter, Chrissie discovers an unconscious prisoner. Believing that he had been shot escaping from a nearby penitentiary, they decide to take him back to the authorities.
But they never get the chance. The convict dies and his ruthless partner (Hinkley) surfaces, abducting Chrissie to use as a hostage. To survive, the famiy must unite their strength and wits against a clever, deceptive and determined criminal willing to murder them all to reach his fortune.

pg Parental Guidance
95 minutes


CastConnie Sellecca, Matt McCoy
DirectorCatherine Cyran
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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