Two of Hearts

Two of Hearts Molly and Jake's ex-spouses are getting married. Molly's truely bummed. After all, she has to endure watching her ex once again trade vows with another woman. She has to endure the humiliation of actually - and inadvertly - catching the bouquet. Yet, she endures all this for the benefit of her daughter.
Jake's trying to put his life together. He's trying to raise his son. And he's looking for something, for someone, he can call his own.
You can always share your innermost feelings with a bar piano player, and Molly does. She lets it all hang out, all her innermost thoughts. Except this isn't any ordinary piano player. It's Jake. It isn't until Jake's son calls him 'Dad' that Molly realises she unburdened herself to her ex-husband's new wife's ex-husband!

all All Ages
91 minutes


CastCorbin Bernsen, Marla Maples
DirectorF. Harvey Frost
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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