Masseuse III

Masseuse III When Madison Dane, the Masseuse of Beverly Hills sends one of her girls to the home of a California political candidate Matthew Grimes, it seems like just another case of a high-ranking politicain needing to relieve stress the old fashioned way.

But when a hidden camera catches Grimes' intimate encounter with the massuese, all hell breaks loose.The footage is then sold to a tabloid, and Grimes' career and reputation are ruined.
Madison Dane's operation is exposed; she's put out of business and her girls are tossed out onto the streets. There's only one thing to do... Find out who set up Grimes, and get even.

No Persons Under 18 No Persons Under 18 (Sex, Nudity)
86 minutes


CastBrenda Elise, Sanra Dahl
DirectorGary Graver
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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