Table for One

Table for One Crazily quirky, but lovable RUTH DRAPER deals with the loneliness of living in the boondocks by conjuring up ways she could kill her travelling salesman husband, MATT DRAPER. She concocts homemade booby traps, which she places all over the house, and questions Matt about his fidelity on the road. If he slips up, he might just get a fork in his stomach from a bow and arrow contraption under the table.

Still, despite it all, it's clear that the two have a special chemistry and intense love for each other. Ruth would like nothing better than to have a child with her husband, but Matt insists that they're not ready. It's a touchy subject. And after finding a .38 revolver carefully concealed, Ruth becomes suspicious that Matt may have other, more treacherous plans in mind for her.


CastRebecca DeMornay, Michael Rooker, Mark Rolston, Lisa zane, Peter Dobson
DirectorRon Senkowski
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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