Two Girls and a Guy

Two Girls and a Guy Two woman wait impatiently in front of a SoHo loft, each hoping to suprise her boyfriend upon his return trip from Los Angeles, Carla (Heather Graham) is beautiful, smart, and sophisticated, reserved. Lou (Natasha Gregson Wagner) is vavacious, sexy, sassy and outspoken.

Chatting, these two equally compelling women discover a suprise of their own - that the fantastic boyfriend the are each supposedly have a monogamous love affair with is the very same man: Blake Allen (Robert Downey Jr.), a struggling actor with a talent for evading truth.
Carla and Lou could just walk away from a cruel, inexplicable betrayal and begin again. Instead they sneak into Blake's apartment, and over the next few incredible hours, the two woman attempt to uncover the truth about the enigmatic Blake any which way they can - from dramatic confrontation to fevered seduction to shocking revelation.

No Persons Under 16 No Persons Under 16 (Language, Violence)
82 minutes


CastRobert Downey Jr., Heather Graham, Natasha Gregson Wagner
DirectorJames Toback
Formats VHS
SA Distributor Nu Metro

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