The Denist 2

The Denist 2 The dreaded trip to the dentist becomes a nightmare journey into the macabre when seen through the demented eyes of Dr. Alan Feinstone (Corbin Bernsen). For Feinstone, drills, needles, scalpels and forceps are instruments of sadistic pleasure best utilized to butcher, deform and kill his patients. Convicted of hideous crimes in The Dentist, the doctor was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in a mental hostpital.

Now, in The Dentist 2, Feinstone has escaped the high security hospital and vows never to return. With a new alias, Larry Caine, he relocates to the tiny farm town of Paradise, Missouri, where he aims to build a new life. Meeting the beautiful Jamie Devers (Jillian McWhirter), he finds himself falling in love, but it's a relationship that threatens to unravel the terrifying truth about the doctor.

16 No persons under 16 (Sex, Violence)
95 minutes


CastCorbin Bersen, Jillian McWhirter, Clint Howard, Linda Hoffman
DirectorBrian Yuzna
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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