The Secret Pact

The Secret Pact When Greg Sherman witnesses the shocking murder of his parents by a hitman, he must turn to the Witness Protection Programme in order to survive.

U.S. Marshal Jerome Carter creates a new identity for Greg, alters his appearance and enrols him into a new private boarding school. A lonely stranger in a new world, Greg soon befriends another outsider, Lenny Dalton.

Their friendship begins to grow stronger when Greg saves Lenny from drowing, and the two boys make a pact to always watch out for each other. But, Greg is unaware that the same man who had his parents murdered has recruited Lenny to find and eliminate him.

While Lenny is oblivious that the witness he swore to kill is his best friend, his search for information begins to lead him closer to the truth.

10 No persons under 10
91 minutes


CastRider Strong, Lisa Zane, John Heard, Adam Frost, Nick Mancuso
DirectorRodney Gibbons
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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