Earthly Possessions

Earthly Possessions Charlotte (Susan Surandon) was a disillusioned housewife, withdrawing her savings to finance a quiet escape from her ordinary life.

Jake (Stephan Dorff), an escaped convict, was robbing a bank to pay for a new life for himself and his girlfriend. In seconds, their two worlds colide, sending a scared hostage and an even more fearful kidnapper on a most unusual journey.

The ensuing escapade finds two emotional misfits from different worlds bonding over common fears, weaknesses, and the need to run. It is only by trying new things that they both come to understand what is really important to them.

No Persons Under 10 No Persons Under 10
102 minutes


CastSusan Sarandon, Stephen Dorff
DirectorJames Lapine
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro Video

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