The Hi-Lo Country

The Hi-Lo Country In the glorious tradition of 'Legends of the Fall', this moving film depicts an intimate story of two men falling in love with the same woman. Set against the rugged and sweeping backdrop of the American prairies, this intense saga teams up Woody Harrelson and Billy Crudup as two hard-living cowboys whose friendship comes under threat when they both lust after sexy Patricia Arquette.

Beautifully shot and acted, 'The Hi-Lo Country' is a nostalgic western with an acknowledged cast reflecting the brutality and charm of old ways dying hard. From the director of 'Dangerous Liaisons'.

pg Parental Guidance
118 minutes

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CastWoody Harrelson, Billy Crudup, Patricia Arquette, Cole Hauser, James Gammon, Penelope Cruz, Sam Elliot
DirectorStephen frears
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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