Legalese A high-profile murder case throws two legal eagles -- one a seasoned pro and the other an idealistic rookie -- into the media spotlight in Legalese, starring an all-star cast including James Garner, Kathleen Turner, Gina Gershon, Edward Kerr and Mary-Louise Parker. Legalese is a satirical and biting look at how lawyers and public personalities manipulate the media for their own greed.

When a beautiful model-actress, Angela Beal, is accused of murdering her boyfriend, she seeks the counsel of celbrity attorney Norman Keane, self assured and fresh from his success of defending an accused murderer thought guilty by the entire country. Knowing that if he takes the case it may hurt the client and further ruin his reputation, Norman hatches a plan to put a young, inexperienced attorney named Ray Guyton on the line at the mercy of the media. From behind the scenes, Norman and his sexy junior accomplice masterfully manipulate the rookie attorney and the media through the case.

Just when it seems the legal team is about to succeed, the young rookie attorney realises the dilemma of sacrificing his moral principals for fame and fortune. At the same time, a tenacious tabloid reporter discovers the truth of who's really running the show, and the trial begins to reveal the deceit behind the new wunderkind in full view of a national television audience.

Legalese is a funny and explosive expose that unravels the complex alliance between the tabloid media and the judicial system. It reveals the behind-the-scenes manipulations that sway public opinion and play fast-and -furious with the notion of guilt or innocence.

10 No persons under 10
89 minutes


CastJames Garner, Gina Gershon, Mary-Louise Parker, Edward Kerr, Kathleen Turner
DirectorGlenn Jordan
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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