Gods And Monsters

Gods And Monsters When Clayton Boone, a handsome young drifter, becomes a gardener for an ill-tempered old man, he is suprised to learn that this eccentric recluse is none other than James Whale, the once-famous genius who created the original Frankenstein films of the early thirties. Upon meeting Clayton for the first time, Whale seems immediately taken his masculine good looks and tries to befriend him.

At first flattered by his request, Clayton agrees to let Whale paint his portriat. When Clayton tells all of his friends about his famous new employer, they are suspicious and derisive of his career as an artist's model, but they are also jealous of the exciting new world of wealth to which Whale has introduced him.

Whale and Clayton begin an unlikely friendship which leads to the revelation of their deepest emotions. But, when an angry and confused Clayton naively comes to believe that Whale may have ulterior motives, he is shocked to discover what Whale's real motive is, and he comes to understand that true friendship and compassion can surpass all boundaries of prejudice.

pg Parental Guidance
105 minutes

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CastIan McKellen, Brandan Fraser, Lynn Redgrave
DirectorBill Condon
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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