Place Vendome

Place Vendome The death of Vincent Malivert, director of one of the prestigious jewelry shops on Place Vendome, leaves his wife at a terrible crossroads in her life.
Industrious and ambitious, Marianne was once a great broker herself. She loved a man, Battistelli, who was unfaithful to her. Ever since her life has been marked by sadness.
Though she does retain her grace and elegance, Marianne lives in a boozy stupor most of the time... until she discovers seven magnificent diamonds stashed away in her husband's hidden chest. Their beauty slowly awakens her passion.
French dialouge. English subtitles.

all All Ages
115 minutes

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CastCatherine Deneuve, Jean-Piere Bacri, Emmanuelle Seiger, Jacques Dutronc
DirectorNicole Garcia
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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