Shadow Warriors II

Shadow Warriors II The toughest team of the Navy SEALS are back in action with the SHADOW WARRIORS II. Terry 'Hulk' Hogan returns as Mike McBride, legendary SEAL leader and martial arts master.

Still haunted by a Gulf War chemical weapons attack on his team, McBride is determined to find the terrorist Sarkissian behind the fiendish plot... dead or alive. But first he and his crack squad must take on a mission of mercy and rescue a little girl kidnapped by her wealthy father.

After narrowly completing their action-packed assignment in the Australian Alps McBride sets off on his personal mission for justice. His partners Roy, Derek, Hunter and Andy are sceptical of his search for the presumed-dead Sarkissian.

When McBride is captured at a terrorist camp, they soon learn the terrifying truth: Sarkissian is not only alive, but now plotting a new attack. Before McBride can be rescued, he is poisoned by his arch enemy with only 72 hours left to live, he must find an antidote an stop Sarkissian's evil plans.

No Persons Under 13 No Persons Under 13 (Violence)
91 minutes


CastTerry 'Hulk' Hogan, Shannon Tweed, Carl Weathers
DirectorJon Cassar
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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