Heel Against The Head

Heel Against The Head Tjokkie (Bill Flynn) and Chripsen (Paul Slabolepszy), are two rugby fanatics from a remote dorp in South Africa. They have been saving for the past four years and are all set to travel to Wales to watch the bokke defend their World Crown.
Crispen convinces his wife, Celeste, that this is a Men Only trip, saying they will celebrate their wedding anniversary on his return.

On arrival in Wales they realise they are no more that a couple of inexperienced boys from the bushveld and they discover that the RAND doesn't go as far against the pound as they had thought. Crispen is caught with his pants down...literally!

The story shifts into comedic high gear as - against his will, with much ducking and diving, lying and 'disguises' - Tjokkie is forced to try and save his devious friend's bacon...

pg Parental Guidance
90 minutes

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CastBill Flynn, Paul Slabolepszy
DirectorRod Steward
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro Video

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