The Adventures Of Ragtime

The Adventures Of Ragtime Ragtime is no ordinary pet! He is a special horse who can perform lots of tricks.

Since LESTER and SAM are down on their luck, the idea of horse-napping Ragtime for a ransom hits LESTER, and they speed over to the fairgrounds to steal their ticket to wealth.
After watching the kids bring Ragtime into the trailer, LESTER and SAM hook it up to their van and they roar off. But when they get home, they discover that they have taken the wrong empty one! Fun for the whole family to see, what happens when the horse takes one will want to miss out on the adventures of RAGTIME!

all All Ages
96 minutes


CastJay Thomas, Perry King, Justine Cooper
DirectorWilliam Byron Hillman
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro Video

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