No Looking Back

No Looking Back It's a cold, grey winter in this working-class town - a quiet oceanside community where not much changes day to day, month to month, year to year.

Claudia works at the diner. She lives with Michael, a guy she's known forever. He's good to her. They're comfortable together. After work, they go over to the local bar. They hang out with friends. She's got a steady job. A steady friend. A That's until Charlie shows up. A few years ago he dumped Claudia, broke her heart, and just... disappeared. Now he's back to pick up where he has left off, and to take Claudia away with him to...well, any place but this place.

Charlie was the one with big plans, the hopes, the dreams. For Claudia it is time to make that choice... To follow her dreams. All she has to do is figure out what they are.

No Persons Under 10 No Persons Under 10 (Language)
97 minutes

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CastLauren Holly, Edward Burns, Jon Bon Jovi
DirectorEdward Burns
Formats VHS
SA Distributor Nu Metro Video

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