Music From Another Room

Music From Another Room A 5-year-old named Danny is enlisted by his military doctor dad to help deliver a baby. Holding the newborn, the boy declares that he will one day marry this girl. His father wryly notes that there are easier ways to meet a woman, but Danny doesn't do things the easy way.

Twenty-five years later, Danny (Jude Law) encounters Anna Swan (Gretchen Mol), the girl he helped bring into the world. Anna has grown into a beautiful woman and Danny's long-forgotten attraction quickly returns. And so the quest to sweep Anna off her feet begins.

pg Parental Guidance
99 minutes

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CastJude Law, Jennifer Tilly, Gretchen Mol, Martha Plimpton, Brenda Blethyn
DirectorCharlie Peters
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro Video

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