Goodbye Lover

Goodbye Lover In a sun-dappled metropolis, Sandra Dunmore is the girl next door: beautiful, friendly, a devout churchgoer, a fervent believer in self-help tapes and always doing good unto others. Sandra's on her way up, but her ad exec husband, Jake is on a downward spiral, apparently flailing in a morass of alcoholism. Although Sandra sells high-priced real estate, this does not begin to support the lifestyle they both so desperately desire.

Sandra and Jake aren't the only people who want things in this city of unfulfilled dreams. Jake's older brother Ben Dunmore wants to preserve his access to the good life. And there's Peggy Blaine an insecure junior of Ben's staff, with plans of her own. They're all young, beautiful and openly avaricious. But then it's the 90's; who doesn't feel entitled to having it all , especially when it is all tantalisingly within reach?

No Persons Under 16 No Persons Under 16
97 minutes

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CastPatricia Arquette, Dermot Mulroney, Ellen DeGeneres, Mary-Louise Parker, Don Johnson
DirectorRoland Joffé
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro Video

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