Lost & Found

Lost & Found Every dog has its day. What's funny is how far dognapper Dylan Ramsey will go to have his. Dylan (David Spade) is doggedly determined to romance gorgeous girl-next-door Lila (Sophie Marceau) in this 'laughter-rich, cleverly original comedy' (Jules Peimer, WKDM-Radio/New York) whose daffy touches include an appearance by Jon Lovitz as The Dog Whisperer.

Sparked by the wickedly acidic zingers of Spade (Saturday Night Live, Just Shoot Me), Lost & Found knows that love is a funny thing. It can make you smell like roses. Sing opera in the shower. Or in Dylan's case, steal a dog.

By dognapping Lila's beloved pet, then helping her find him, Dylan aims to come across as a hero compared to Lila's insufferable suave ex-boyfriend (Patrick Bruel). After all, hiding a cute little terrier for a few hours can't be any trouble. Or can it?


CastDavid Spade, Sophie Marceau, Patrick Bruel, Artie Lang, Mitchell Whitfield, Martin Sheen
DirectorJeff Pollack
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro Video

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