I Love You Don't Touch Me!

I Love You Don't Touch Me! When it comes to relationships, the 'First Law of the Jungle' prevails: You've got to kiss a lot of frogs before finding a prince. In this 'smart, sweet, funny and original' (New York Post) romantic comedy from writer/director Julie Davis, newcomer Marla Schaffel 'gives a delectable performance' (Movieline) as a woman on a hilarious quest for perfect love in a drained dating pool overflowing with toads!

25-year-old Katie (Schaffel) is just your average, hopeless romantic searching for her ideal man in the vast no-man's land of Los Angeles. When Katie rejects her best friend Ben (Mitchell Whitfield) -- who confesses he is madly in love with her -- and instead falls for Richard (Michael Harris), a suave, sophisticated and devastatingly sexy composer, she thinks she's finally found the romance of her life. But Katie is about to discover that 'Mr. Perfect' isn't necessarily 'Mr. Right', and that sometimes, a 'frog' is really a prince in disguise!

Meredith Scott Lynn co-stars in this 'fresh and funny' (KNX-AM Radio) boy-loves-girl-who-doesn't-love-boy-til-he-loves-another-girl story. If you're looking for an 'enjoyable date movie' (Janet Maslin, The New York Times) about that puzzling but powerful mystery called love, 'reach out and grab Don't Touch Me!' (New York Times)


CastMarla Schaffel, Mitchell Whitfield, Michael Harris, Meredith Scott Lynn
DirectorJulie Davis
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro Video

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