Too Tired to Die

Too Tired to Die In Bagdad, Death, a beautiful young woman comes for a young Arab man. Frightened, he runs desperately from her. Suddenly we realise this is Kenji's dream. Kenji is a young Japanese man drifting around New York. Getting up late in the morning, Kenji goes out to a cafe to while away the hours with Fabrizio, his Italian friend. On his way to the cafe, however, he sees the man from his dream who is running from Death. Startled and confused, Kenji follows them and inadvertently helps Death catch the man. She thanks him and disappears.

Later that night, Kenji goes to bed and dreams again about Death. In this dream, Death has come for him. He wakes up and Death is actually sitting by his bed. Has she finally come for him? No, she tells him that she will be back for him in twelve hours. Telling him in advance is her way of showing her gratitude for helping her catch the man who tried to escape her earlier.

What would you do if you had twelve hours to live? Kenji has no idea.

13 No persons under 13
92 minutes


CastMira Sorvino, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Ben Gazzara, Jeffrey Wright
DirectorWonsuk Chin
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro Video

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