The Alternate

The Alternate It is one week away from the elections and there is a good chance President Fallbrook is going to lose his bid for a second term. So someone comes up with ''A PLAN''. What if the President of the U.S. is kidnapped at a charity dinner? What if this is a ''BLACK OPS'' assignment carried out by CIA operatives? What if the President escapes and his heroism is conveniently caught on tape? Enough publicity to ensure President Fallbrook's re-election? A great idea!

ONE PROBLEM... What if the man in charge of the ''Black Ops'' team decides ''The Plan'' is so good, and the escape route so completely foolproof, that he decides that he really wants the ransom money? So... kill the President, kill the hostages, and kill his own crew, then escape as planned. A great idea!


CastEric Roberts, Bryan Genesse, Ice-T, Michael Madsen
DirectorSam Firstenberg
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro Video

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