Blue Moon

Blue Moon Jimmy Keating (Richard Kiley) runs the financially troubled family business, the Lobsterville Restaurant, with his daughters, Cass (Sharon Lawrence) and Nora (Mimi Kuzyk), and Cass's fisherman husband Billy (Jeffrey Nordling). Cass also must raise her hearing-impaired four-year-old, Josie along with two troubled teenagers, T.J. and Belinda.

When Nora announces her engagement to land developer Willis, it sends a shock wave through the family. Since Willis has already bought and torn down a local landmark, the Blue Moon dance hall, it's feared Lobsterville is next on his list. With domestic heartbreak and financial crisis on the horizon, it appears Lobsterville is doomed -- unless something dramatic happens very soon...

all All Ages
88 minutes


CastSharon Lawrence, Jeffrey Nordling, Kim Hunter, John Dosset, Lynne Deragon
DirectorRon Lagomarsino
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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