Witness Protection

Witness Protection Bobby Batton and his family have disappeared without a trace. They can't be reached by phone, or by mail. There is no forwarding address. The government will soon sell their house, their two Cadillacs, and their furniture. When the Battons leave a safe house outside Boston and climb into an unmarked van with smoked windows, the entire family will cease to exist. The Battons are about to enter the United States Witness Protection Programme.

This shattered family will enter a top-secret facility and learn that they have only five days -- five intense, challenging days -- to confront the harsh consquences of their decision and assume identities assigned to them. Guided by U.S. Marshall Steve Beck, their only link to the outside world, the Battons are about to make the most difficult transition of their lives.


CastTom Sizemore, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Forest Whitaker
DirectorRichard Pearce
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro Video

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