The X-Files: One Son

The X-Files: One Son The truth revealed. The questions answered. The conspiracy unraveled. The story that unlocks the secrets behind The X-Files mythology is finally here.

For the very first time, everything is explained from the bees to the black oil; from the shape-shifters to the faceless rebels; from Samantha Mulder and Scully's abductions to the true identity of the cigarette-smoking man. And one woman will be the link to all these stunning revelations.

Her name, Cassandra Spender. She is the end product of a secret, decades-long experiment orchestrated by the cigarette-smoking man and she plays a pivotal role in the alien plan to colonize the Earth. For Mulder and Scully, Cassandra will be the final piece in the puzzle; the cipher that solves the mysteries of the mythology once and for all.


CastDavid Duchovny, Gillian Anderson
DirectorRob Bowman
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro Video

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