Thick as Thieves

Thick as Thieves Two master thieves go at odds with one another as one sets the other up for a crime. The first (Alec Baldwin), a suave pro who does his job then hides in his own privacy, listening to old jazz records and caring for his ailing dog, Wally. The other (Michael Jai White) is a local gangster with a taste for the finer life, who decides to eliminate the competition. This ignites a war between the two men and their aides. An angry mob boss (David Byrd) and a female police officer (Rebecca DeMornay) try to sort the mess before things get too out of hand.

13 No persons under 13 (Language)
93 minutes

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CastAlec Baldwin, Andre Braugher, Michael Jai White, Rebecca DeMornay
DirectorScott Sanders
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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