The Book of Stars

The Book of Stars Despite the illness that has plagued Mary since childhood, she savours every moment. Every day she discovers magic. For her older sister, Penny, home is a refuge. In their tenement apartment dappled with colour, she can retreat into Mary's world, away from the streets until nightfall.

At one time Penny could sense that same magic that her sister does. But now she can't believe in anything. Instead, it's up to Mary to believe for both of them, giving shape to their dreams in the beautiful and mystical volume she keeps -- her ''Book of Stars and Lovely Things''. The ''Book of Stars'' chronicles the sister's life together, and it is up to Penny to be the one to live out the ending.


CastMary Stuart Masterson, Jena Malone, Delroy Lindo
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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