Frozen With Fear

Frozen With Fear Katherine Sullivan is agoraphobic. For the past three years she has been unable to set foot over the threshold of her own house. When her husband is murdered, she hires Jack Mize, a private investigator, whom she believes he can shed some light on the bizarre circumstances surrounding his death. She is convinced that she conversed with an undercover detective before the body of ther husband was removed, and yet there is now no trace of either the body or the police officer. Now Katherine's life is in total turmoil. Not only is her husband's body missing, but the police deny any knowledge of the incident or of the officer whom Katherine is certain came out to investigate. To add to her confusion and terror, her home's heating system runs amok, the door jams on her sauna trapping her inside, she finds a deadly spider in her pool towel, and she awakens one night to find rats in her bed. Jack worries about her and continues to investigate the case. When he makes some starling discoveries, Jack is certain that it is not Katherine's mind that is a risk but her very life.


CastBo Derek, Stephen Shellen, Wayne Rogers, Stephen Morgan, Peggy Gedeon
DirectorPaul Lynch
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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