Bravo Carlos Gallardo, the international star of ''El Mariachi'' and ''Desparado'', stars as Carlos Bravo, a Mexican Secret Service man who has his hands full protecting President Montafid, who has been making enemies by fighting against corruption and powerfull drug cartels. But when Bravo falls in love with the President's daughter, he is fired.

Bravo turns to his second passion, music, and joins a small-town band. A year later, he and his band are hired to play at a banquet given by the U.S. Ambassador to celebrate the President's successful war against the drug cartels. But the President is abducted in the middle of the party, and before you can say ''olé'', Bravo is back in action!


CastCarlos Gallardo, Richard Livington, Gustavo Ganem, Edi Xol
DirectorLorena David
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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