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28 Days

28 Days Join the party with everyone's favorite screen sweetheart, Sandra Bullock... Billed as ''Bullock's finest performance of her career'', 28 Days chronicles a party girl's one month stay at a rehab center for alcoholics.

After Gwen (Bullock) wrecks her sister's wedding, a court order rules that she needs to check into a rehabilitation facility. Detesting every moment and telling herself that ''she is not like these people'', Gwen soon starts to realise that she has a lot of modifications to implement if she is to change her life

Smart, funny and utterly irresistible, 28 Days is a journey that every movie-goer should take. Co-starring Viggo Mortensen, Elizabeth Perkins and Steve Buscemi, 28 Days is as charming as it is scintillating!

103 minutes.

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