Fatal Conflict

Fatal Conflict FATAL CONFLICT is a futuristic, action-packed sci-fi thriller, which takes us into an alternate future Los Angeles. Humanity has expanded well beyond the natural borders of the earth. In this futuristic world, gems are the new gold standard and lawlessness runs rampant. At the top of this food chain is Conrad and Carla Nash, a lethal brother and sister duo hell bent on destroying the world that the governor has created. Max Durant watches out for the governor and gives a young woman a chance to regain her life and save thousands in the process.

All she has to do is stop a madman and his sister from crashing a space ship full of explosives into the heart of Hollywood... piece of cake.


CastKari Wuhrer, Jennifer Rubin, Leo Rossi, Miles O'Keeffe
DirectorLloyd A.Simandl
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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